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The company: Kains India is a 100% privately owned and operated company. Kains has consistently grown to become as an important manufacturing partner to a diversified range of customers that includes many well known multi nationals.

What we do

We are providing solution for process measuring and controlling. We manufacture a verity of Pressure measuring instruments, Calibrators, Valves, manifolds and Temperature Instruments and we accommodate a large number of traded flow and level instruments through which our customers can get easy service for their instrumentation needs. We just do not sell a product, but we try to help the customers for selection, installation and maintenance of our products.


Kains differentiates itself from other Instrumentation companies by providing a level of techno - commercial & design flexibility which customers constantly find a very refreshing alternative to the status quo of the instrumentation Industry

Sales Policy

Being a zero debt company, manufacture and supply world class Instruments, instrumentation accessories and calibrators with a competitive price.