Manually operated hydraulic testers are used to generate the required pressure for calibration in reference calibration.

Pressure Calibrators

Kains Instrument Provide Bottom Direct Mounting, Back Direct Mounting, Bottom Surface Mounting, Back Panel Mounting, Back Bracket Mounting and more..

Bourdon Pressure Gauges

Kains provide Weather proof / Glycerin filled gauges for various apllication like Filtration, Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Bio tech and Food.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Kains Provide various type of Needle valves like Screwed end, Instrumentation, Angle, Socket weld, Butt weld, TC End needle Valve, Threaded end.

Needle Valves

Kains Provide various type of Manifold like 2 valve manifold, 3 valve manifold, 5 valve manifold, Pipe to Pipe, Flange to Pipe, Flange to Flange.

Instrument Manifolds

Kains Provide various instrument accessories like Dampener / Snubber, 2 way Gauge Cock, 3 way Gauge Cock, Siphon, Gauge Saver HP, Diaphragm, Pointer Puller.

Instrument Accessories

Kains Provide Side Mounting Switches, Top Mounting Switches, Multi Level Switches, Temperature Gauge.

Level and Temperature Instruments

Kains Provide various Ball Type Valve with TC end, Screwed end, HPX Hydraulic.

Ball Valve